September was an eventful month for me. The weather changed from scorching hot everyday to beautifully warm with cool nights. Perfect weather for long walks and running errands. Each time I stepped past the entrance gate into Viorica's garden I was greeted with the sweet smell of ripening grapes on the vine. If you're trying to imagine this from home, just stick your nose in a Welch's grape juice bottle, it is the same smell! I'd been anticipating two things the month of September: 1) a letter from the National Visa Center regarding Catalin and 2) harvesting grapes to make wine. Thankfully both wishes were fulfilled. Here are a few photos from our harvest.

A two hour drive from home brought a whole lot of interesting into my lens. Highlights from the city of Cluj:

Ruse, Bulgaria is not home to anything particularly noteworthy, in fact I don't know much about the city at all even after visiting. It is however, a short 1 hour drive away from Bucharest so my friends and I decided to take the journey last week. We came, we saw, we ate soup. The city was pretty quiet, even for a Monday I thought.


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